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Hot Stone Massage

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originated in China almost 2000 years ago
and has some excellent benefits.
Heat has long been used to relieve muscle tension and pain.

Mandarin Healing Spa

Mind Body and Soul

Cupping therapy is more than a 2500 year old
technique originating in China.
It is a proven therapy to release toxins from your body.
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Our Location - Woburn

Phone: (781) 588-9906

Address: 15 Montvale Ave, Woburn Ma 01801

Email: info@mandarinhealincenter.com

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We are trained to teach you how to take care of your body naturally. Please inquire with your therapist how we can help you to become healthy and well

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Massage therapy is serious. If your serious about taking care of your body, we can help you do that. Please be respectful as this is our profession.

  • We also can help you develop a plan for treating you body with herbals.
  • We have your well being as our top priority.
  • We also would like to tell you about Bemer therapy. It is a great way to replace energy Ask us

Our Pricing Plans

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Regular Massage
$45 Half Hour
  • Traditional Massage
Cupping Therapy
$59 session
  • Cupping
  • Mixed with Gua Sha
One Hour Massage
$70 Per Hour
  • Traditional Massage
  • Cupping
  • DDS Therapy
  • Hot Stone
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Back Walking
90 minute massage
$110 per session
  • Traditional Massage
  • Cupping
  • Gua Sha
  • DDS Therapy
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Back Walking